Case story: Nordland Akva

Nordland Akva took over their new sludge treatment solution during the fall 2018.

Nordland Akva resides in Meløy, Norway, and produces anually up to 6 mill. smolt and use up to 1500 t fodder per year. During the fall of 2018 AquaGreen and Salsnes Filters inaugurated a sludge treatment plant to Nordland Akva. AquaGreen and Salsnes Filter have in recent years worked on verifying operational reliability and integration of their sludge treatment solutions for the land-based fish farming Industry in Norway. The two companies have tested and adapted the combination of AquaGreen’s steam dryer with Salsnes Filters with regards to dewatering. This long-term work now yields results and still more customers choose solutions from AquaGreen and Salsnes, amongst them is Nordland Akva.

The technology from Salsnes is a very compact solution of a belt filter combined with vacuum technology, that increases the dry matter in flushing sludge from drum filters from 0.1% to 25%. AquaGreen’s technology is a closed system for drying sludge, that uses superheated steam as the drying medium, and at the end of the line, the sludge is packed with a dry weight of 95% in 2000 L big bags, ready for dispatch and use as a raw material in fertilizer, or biogas production.